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Enter the Business Name you want to Register Below

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Why you need a Personal Domain

Build an online presence that says "professional"

Present Yourself as a professional

It is easier to know if you have full ownership of your online presence simply by the name of your website and email address, we advice you make use of your own for both, it adds a professional touch to everything you do.

Protect Your Reputation

Having most of your personal information online can be scary, Except you are working with a high authority website with carefully curated content, that way you are able to manage your online reputation yourself.

Increase Visibility

The combination of your names i.e your first and last names, gives your website a very good ranking with search engines because they love domains with specific words.

Market yourself and Business

Hosting your portfolio , resume, work samples or sharing your photos and personal interest, helps in telling people who you are and the service you have to offer.

Other Benefits of Having Your Own Domain

Host your Resumé

It is a perfect place to show the world what you have to offer while selling yourself through your credentials.

Publish Your Portfolio

As part of your total publishing solution WEHOSTAFRICA is offering you a low cost hosting Plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I choose the perfect domain name?

Do an online search for other companies having the same terms of trademark, select a short and easy to pronounce name that will help you tell the story of your brand, you can opt in for .Com or any other domain extension of your choice.

How do I use the personal domain name search tool?

Start by imputing your first and last names in the required field, you will be given personalized options that incorporate your name, this result includes available domain names, taken or for sale domain names.

Why does a particular domain that is taken show that it is available for registration?

In a case where the registrant is willing to sell to you his/ her registered domain it can always be transferred.

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